The Men With Weiners Growing on Their Arms – Tales From the Internet

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Medical technology has come a long way.

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  1. as someone who knows a lot about ftm bottom surgery, where they do use forearm tissue to create a neo phallus this story sounds like bullshit. If they were able to achieve what they did I can't imagine the outcome was any good. Scarring would be extensive and I doubt he'd have much feeling to his glans.The other thing that was a red flag to me was this doctor saying he hoped the patient would be able to "father children" as I think this would be impossible

  2. 5:49 this is my favourite sentence ever!!!
    I actually peed on multiple electric wires as a kid and it doesn't do anything different.
    No shock, no weird dick censory relapse. I'll try it tomorrow and give you an update, but that makes no sense. The other part of the video might make a lot of sense. Never experienced anything else except for that part. So I can't judge.

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