The Most Annoying Video on the Internet

Full Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7L5MQ7EgdA
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  1. just came back from the kids decide who gets 1000 video, and the kids were so much less cringey and much less painful than this. kids and adults, and the adults were the worst and most evil of the two videos. adults who are (supposedly) supposed to be more mature. expected nowadays ig, but i was really really hoping it wudnt be. the kids, even if the vid wasnt perfect, the kids believed that the person who needed it most wud get the money. race wasn’t even mentioned. i get that adult life nd shit happens when u get older, but demn its still sad to see

  2. Hodan is a perfect example of modern entitlement she can say whatever she wants
    And just as the ginger dude said a word she completely destroyed him for no apparent reason and the crazy part is that the rest of the people on the couch just agree with her WTF

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