The nightmare videos of childrens' YouTube — and what's wrong with the internet today | James Bridle

Writer and artist James Bridle uncovers a dark, strange corner of the internet, where unknown people or groups on YouTube hack the brains of young children in return for advertising revenue. From “surprise egg” reveals and the “Finger Family Song” to algorithmically created mashups of familiar cartoon characters in violent situations, these videos exploit and terrify young minds — and they tell us something about where our increasingly data-driven world is headed. “We need to stop thinking about technology as a solution to all of our problems, but think of it as a guide to what those problems actually are, so we can start thinking about them properly and start to address them,” Bridle says.

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  1. that video
    i remember i watched that surprise egg video a couple years back
    that exact one

    oh i miss the time i was bored from looking at google maps and i went to youtube and watch a random dude opening surprise eggs since my parents won’t allow me get one
    i mean that was one way to get rid of kindergarten boredom

  2. I'm a teenager. I grew up when kids still watched cartoons, and youtube and Cocomelon didn't exist yet. But now I look at my little sister: I leaned in to watch one of her videos and this guy was ACTUALLY CUSSING. This is becoming a huge problem, and it's getting to the point where she is ridiculously addicted to that stupid tablet.

  3. 3 years later, majority of these channels have been purged and deleted by YouTube themselves after the entire elsa gate incident that happened
    majority of them do not get any views besides some channels that actually do make kids entertainment or those annoying toy reviews

  4. The bad effects are so real, I can see them in my nephew. He is a 6 y/o who not only watches these cringe videos but actually acts like the people in it, doing weird stuff in front of his close relatives. He starts breaking stuff when his gadget is taken away and he is a bully.

  5. The parents are stunned to the fact that their children are busy and quiet, not like I'm protecting the children but I respect everyone equally but the parents are the one who's responsible on monitoring about the technology their children are using perhaps the children's all had been so innocent before they found their YouTube addiction. Some parents nowadays just leave their child in a single room with their gadgets for the parents to earn peace meanwhile they will not notice that their children is in danger on expiriencing life as everything they see educates them up. The peace the parents gets are only illusions for them to think that their children are busily peace aswell.

  6. I have come across some very easy ways of making money on the internet, like compiling random interesting clips that people watch for hours (including me, unfortunately), or littering hundreds of Amazon affiliate links to random products on the internet. But thankfully I've realized that all of these things do damage to my brothers and sisters. They destroy productive minds, they rob people of their own ambitions and they dumb people down as they engage with these trivial things. It's the same as banking: you're tricking your way into money, and it does serious damage to the pillars of our society. I choose not to profit off of these things, because even though they seem harmless on your own screen, they can affect millions of people all around the globe, as James showed.

  7. People saying oh wow nothing has really changed should read more of the comments because I'm sitting here smiling at all the people around my age saying what they learned from the video and being grateful they weren't sucked into the ipad kid life. I'm reading people my age talking about how they are going to raise their kids without the internet or with monitored internet access. I can definitely say this video did do some change!!

  8. When I was younger I got an I-Pad. I came across a whole bunch of weird videos of Sonic having a baby and weird crap like that. I wish I was smarter and my parents monitored me. I saw videos that traumatized me such as Cupcakes HD and The Rainbow Factory. Now I catch younger kids in my family watching Pennywise videos and random stuff. I tell their parents and they never care. I don't want new little kids going through what I have gone through.

  9. I am glad I think the same of this dumb stuff. Then there also comes the gaming part of YouTube which has another really dark side. I'm glad to hear this is actually called a serious problem by other people (not just adults).
    Channels like Ryan's toy review is really part of the issue

  10. I think something that's missing in a lot of the discourse about dangerous childrens programming is discussions of class and how that plays into what kids watch. It's easy for parents who can, for instance, afford a nanny or afford to have one parent stay at home to talk about not putting your children in front of the TV. When you live in a single parent household or both parents are working constantly just to pay the bills, it's a lot harder for those parents to entertain their child in healthy ways like taking them to the zoo/museum, regularly reading books to them, and regulating their screen time. While parents of course always have a responsibility to monitor their children and the activities they're partaking in/content they're watching, the idea that parents just shouldn't let their kids watch youtube or shouldn't give their kids a tablet is a lot easier for upper/middle class families with more resources than for lower class families.

  11. Back in my days I used to wait for my fav shows to air on the television for me to watch. I used to remember the timings. And once it aired I used to watch it while sitting on the couch, with my mum beside me preparing for dinner and me eagerly waiting for my dad to arrive home so that we could all have dinner together. The show used to last for 1 hr after that 1 hr my mom would tell me to go do my hw or study smth.
    Those days were amazing, the parents knew what their kids were watching, along with that fact , all those cartoons back then were wholesome and amazing, they taught real values. We even had a time limit over us watching, so we weren't addicted to the social sources and also managed to have our work done on time. Truly beautiful days, those were.
    I would even recommend the newbie parents to not give your kids tech stuffs until they turn 14 (until it's truly needed). It let's the kid enjoy their years until they have to step out themselves into the real world. Instead of showing them yt and stuff, just show them cartoons on television, like, cartoon network or just simply use android tv like that. It seriously might help and give your kid a beautiful childhood to look at, later on in life.

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