The Real Reason Starlink Will Change The Internet!

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The Real Reason Starlink Will Change Everything! Let’s talk about how the SpaceX Starlink satellite system will disrupt communication systems, lets review all the news and updates for Starlink….

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  1. When I see a SpaceX video, they say: and this is when Starlink comes in – which is a cash cow for future operations
    When I see a Starlink video, they say: and the price will drop because of SpaceX

    You can't have it both ways. Both companies operate under a loss at the moment (altough SpaceX holds easily over the water due to govermant contracts).
    Starlink plans to burn 42,000 satelites in the atmosphere every 5 years. They have to cough up the money for the hardware and the launches. Starship is still years away from regular orbital + reentry and landing operation. Hell, they never used more than 3 engines in flight yet and a full cycle to orbit and back will need ~42 + a few successfull engine ignitions

  2. They just need to work on latency. That’s still the number one thing holding me back. I totally get this is for rural people that don’t have an actual land ISP option but if they are looking to expand to suburbs and stuff like that you’re gonna have to compete with cable and cable is under 10 ms.

  3. Biggest difference Starlink will make which will also make them billions is latency between continents. The latency will be much reduced because light travels faster in space than in fiber plus it does so in a straight way. Financial centers for example would pay looots of money for that.
    Latency is also what makes it different from other satellites, for another reason. Starlink flies close to 100x lower than todays internet satellites, reducing the distance information has to travel substantially. Making the latency almost as good as fiber compared to barely useable >500ms ping from other satellites.
    Rural areas, military, ships and planes will love having highest quality internet access anywhere in the world.

  4. I think one side benefit of Starlink is that it will effectively cap what cable companies can charge for internet access and it will penalize those who have terrible customer service. Lots of people who have access to land-based internet only have one provider. They keep raising their rates. There is no 5G in our area. Our local company has announced publically to stockholders that increasing their price faster than inflation. They plan for that being a longterm strategy. Right now they are at $95 per month for mediocre speed. That means Starlink is an option people can go to. If the cable company raises their rates much above $95 it makes sense to jump ship. Or if I have service problems and I am told it will take 2 weeks to get a tech out to our house I can tell them I can have a starlink dish delivered in less than a week.

  5. ”Heat is just dissipated in space” <- Now, that is the major problem with heat in space. Space is cold they say, but as weird as it sounds like, it is actually very very difficult to get rid of heat in space, in vacuum without air it will just not go anywhere. The only way is to radiate it away and that is not very efficient way to get rid of it. E.g. ISS has massive radiator panels and they don’t do that much to generate heat. Due to this issue I see it very unlikely that we’d see any datacenters in space any time soon.

  6. I’m sorry. Is that 8mbps ? On Starlink? When my WiFi is getting 500mbps and my Ethernet almost 1kmbps in a speed test? I was expecting starlink to be on the gbps range and or faster then 5G if not at least 5g speeds. It’s closer to 4G or LTE speeds specifically. Which seems odd seeing as Musk wants to break into the internet and cell industry.

  7. An individual in poor countries cannot afford it now, but a village could gain access as a community, get their school/library/hospital online. Neighbors will share. Then as satellites and launches get cheaper, and costs come down, then it truly changes life for countless people around the world.

  8. The idea of data transfer through the vacuum of space from computer to computer is not a problem, what is limiting is a point to point identity, hens the cellphone network is already doing what Elon has alluded to hens Starlink needs to create a vast network of identities like an IP address or a phone number.

  9. 3:35 1 in 10 people don't have it?
    don't have the internet or don't have "high speed internet"?
    most of the people who live in this rural places, are satisfied with the speed of their internet, they don't want or need higher speed internet and will not pay for it. this is the kind of information people usually leave out talking about these things.

  10. So I look it up in 2022 they are going to cover Philippines. I'm going to get it and let people use it for a small charge in a little building next to my house. they have cell data here but 1 -3mb Facebook messenger and Mlbb on good days . The kids here really want to play real online video game . Now in the big cities they have up to around 50mb

  11. Seeing as how they have acquired Swarm Technology maybe they could offer a different connection model for those in remote areas who cannot afford the $99/month fee. Maybe $10 a month and 25Mbps down and 3 Mbps up is ample for those doing just email, FB etc but not gaming or delivering HD video. I live in the Cook Islands and we get 8Mbps down and 0.5Mbps up but pay up to $199/month for capped 250Gb. Those minimum FCC speeds are going to be blown out of the water and this will mean the minimum for FCC will be 100Mbps plus down. So offering a smaller down speed for a few dollars would be a godsend for us on our remote islands.

  12. Signed up for Starlink, paid the hundred-dollar deposit. Was told to expect service by late summer. Then I heard they were telling people "end of October"…. Still no word. I suspect that study used the speeds quoted by the two traditional satellite companies and not reality, which is to be barely functional at times.

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