The Sinister Case of Sad Satan – Internet Mysteries

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Today we’ll investigate the mystery surrounding the “Sad Satan” videogame.

Written by Bedhead Bernie: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU4VFB2dYNUTf-8tnuM16GA
Edited by Biodegradable: https://twitter.com/BiodeEditable


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  1. u/GageDaRemixer is awfully disgusting in his own right. “Confirming” it seems like bs. If you’ve ever been to the deep web you’d know it’s not some crazy porn-drug-murder ring.

    You don’t just “stumble into” that kind of shit. He was probably ACTIVELY searching for it or stuff similar to it. Possibly and probably even before the sad satan fiasco

  2. Version 1. Z K used the trojan to access Jamie computer and create the whole uncanny elements he mentioned.
    2. Z K is Jamie and acts as a second personality (I would call multiple personalities demonic possesion but is irrelevant here) . if Z K is Jamie's alternate personlaity would explain a lot of the weird stuff happening.

  3. 10:38 The origin of that screen was found years ago. I remember watching a video about that, but I don't remember what the origin was because it wasn't anything particularly interesting, so I forgot what it was. The video is somewhere on YouTube. People can probably find it easily.

  4. One thing, as well the as thre comments of the actual videos are so weird and satanic written is different languages, once I saw a comment with 100 replies all in different languages, and all said "you found me, do not download game!" it soo creepy the actual comment say's "i am masonic" like wtf, it's so weird and some comments written in the video's are in Arabic and says " do not follow the arab man who came, do not follow the person named " jesus" , and do not pray towards 1 god", just a warning this game is weird and DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!

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