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In this episode of Fan Fact Check, The Try Guys; Ned, Zack, Eugene, Keith hit the world wide web to fact check their fan sites. They go online to debunk or confirm myths on their fan-made profiles and the comment sections. From their time working at Buzzfeed to which Hogwarts House they truly belong to, The Try Guys set the record straight with their fans on who they really are.

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The Try Guys Fact Check Fans on the Internet | Glamour


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  1. I got wiser, and knowledge loving with age. In high school as a 9th grader I was a hufflepuff fully. Now, I’m totally a Ravenclaw through and through. I love learning, I do have wisdom, and I’m eccentric and creative for days. I also look at something random and have an urge to observe it and see if I can discover how it works. But, my hybrid house is RavenPuff, so I guess my hufflepuff still lingers in the background. So I agree with Zach we change with age. Now I meant I took pottermore quiz in 9th grade in 2010 than I forgot all my passwords and info so I created a new account and started over in 2018 in college and I was rechristened a Ravenclaw and I love this house more than hufflepuff it fits me now more than it did in the past.

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