The worst scam on the Internet?

Could this be the worst scam on the Internet? These scammers will drain their victims’ bank accounts! How do they do this?

I’ve been watching the scams of Webzant IT Solution Private Limited, of Kolkata, India fool their victims into thinking that they are the police and they need the victim’s help to catch a ‘hacker’ in their bank. This is a video guide to why their scams are so serious.

The company’s website: https://webzant.com/ [This was taken down within 1 hour of this video upload… a sure sign of innocence.]

More information on these scammers: https://www.scammer.info/d/45123-webzant-it-solution-private-limited-scammers-in-kolkata

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  1. God bless you Jim AGAIN! For trying to protect these people (christ knows how they fall for it in the first place)
    Indian accent, bossy shitty attitude, blocking stuff, desperate tone, sketchy as hell, more dumb voices in the background – WHAT MORE do you need?

  2. I'm sorry but I know most are probably genuine but a lot aren't. But I just can't trust someone with a indian accent on it support, ik there are a lot of scammers elsewhere with other accents but the stereotype is just so profound

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