They Want To Shut Down The Internet | INSPIRED 2021

A global internet shutdown might be imminent. We have seen preparations and signs for this and it might be time to get ready and prepare – also, a great & inspiring alternative is in the works!

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  1. Quite an ideal. If ever one accessing the net had to have a positive ID then no more

    Dark web
    Hackers getting away with thing's
    Holding peoples data for ransom

    Possible there are those who wish to change thing's but then greed. Hate and those high on power or willing to do anything for it have been around a long time.

  2. Are you insane? The internet is becoming ubiquitous. The internet is used for everything from daily banking to ordering a pizza from Pizza Pizza. There's no way they can afford to shut it down. The banks have set it up in such a way that they prefer you do your banking online. Maybe they're thinking of shutting it down in Zimbabwe but not here. Get off the crack.

  3. You are freaking me out …not only have I seen and warned people about this happing months ago.. People think I'm totally nuts or conspiracy theorist..
    Thank you..
    Thank you Universe for sending me very like minded people who understands me. I totally find you by Max Igan …you both have my support and faith.. thank you peace love n harmony ?

  4. IF people cannot realistically prepare in advance to financially manage their own needs in life beyond one month or two weeks at a time, paycheck to paycheck, which is most of the people on earth in all countries, some of them only a day to day basis, how can they possibly prepare in advance to weather a storm such as is being suggested as imminent. And if the majority cannot actually and in reality prepare in advance to weather said storm, how much death, destruction, panic, and disorder in civil society is actually going to result because the majority of people cannot obtain the necessities which are their life blood? Keeping the majority of the civil population on a less than adequate access to goods and services plan for life will not produce a result where the majority of people can actually or in reality prepare in advance for such a shutdown to access of necessary goods and services which sustain human life on earth.

    So, is this going to be the actualization of the prophesied Armageddon on earth? This shutdown of access worldwide for a period of time no can determine at present? Yeah, I can see where this going to cause mass panic and fear. Talk about TERRORISM. The creation of fear, anxiety, and panic deliberately is the definition of a terrorist according to Webster, and I would imagine all other dictionaries. SO . . . WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?

  5. It bothers me that people with no real insight make these videos. I've been in It since 96 and these "structured" cyber attacks on big companies and governments have ALWAYS been done. Also an attack on a website is not the same thing as an attack on critical systems and databases… Only someone without insight will think hacking a website is the same as such. All that aside, the internet will remain as it is because it's a powerful tool for intelligence gathering. Controlling it too much would keep them from being able to do all they can do to track and monitor people for things that they deem important. Also, folks really need to look up the definition of an algorithm because you talk about it like it's something when you can get around them very easily… manipulate them… feed them bogus data… What you all need to do is become more tech savvy not so that you can participate in a high tech world, but so you can't be destroyed by an attempt to create one.

  6. Its not gonna happen, there is no single internet anymore, and shut down the multiple infrustructures at once is not possible, and what is the reason why someone would need to do something like that? and where they can get so much resources? (as this probably would be the most expensive project in the world and cost more than any wars.

  7. Living in South Africa, we have limited access and it's expensive to spend time on the net. I do not care for losing it despite missing you tube plant videos and cooking stuff to be honest. the rest is negative
    face poop did build a business for me, and now we use etsy but we will make a plan one way or another. of course, all citizens must be labeled and registered. we always have been, we just didn't have such technology. will it be that bad… the mark of the beast? have we done good to earth while we had it? or do we really just want to buy stuff and take selfies
    ….. honestly? sounds awesome to grow your own food and live off the grid, until you live in Africa with all its dangers
    …… I don't know heu
    ….. let's see

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