This is How The Whole World Gets High-Speed Internet

Fast internet has become essential for many of us, but what about those left behind? Here’s how we bring every corner of the world up to speed. For more by Tomorrow’s Build subscribe now – https://bit.ly/3vOOJ98

Executive Producer and Narrator – Fred Mills
Producer – Adam Savage
Video Editing and Graphics – Thomas Canton

Additional footage and images courtesy of Apex.AI, BT, Consumer Technology Association, Danny Choo/CC BY-SA 2.0, Google, Microsoft, NCTA, RUN Studios, SpaceX, Volocopter, X Development LLC and OpenStreetMap Contributers (https://www.openstreetmap.org/copyright).

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  1. A few months ago, I went from 7Mbps DSL to 90Mbps Tmobile 5G home internet ($50/month) in my rural area of the South Western US. Fiber was never coming here. Starlink's $100/month price, coupled with it consuming 100W of power all the time, made it unattractive to me.

  2. One thing that crossesmy mind is, after 4g and 5g take over, will the old towers and wires for say 2g and 3g still be kept on? If so, that could create like basically energy pollution that could cause health issues. It would be like still keeping telegraph wires plugged in even though telegraph has gone the way of the dinosaurs.

  3. I love how tho every type of service pass by my country but never gets in ?
    I live in Yemen one of the forgotten countries when it's come to internet specifically and basic services in general
    To explain further the highest speed available for public is 8Mps (more 6.5 in good day ) ADSL run by the only isp In the country obviously been the only ISP mean extremely high prices and extremely bad service

  4. The whole world is on fast Internet. The whole world? No, a small country in Europe, Germany, fights fearlessly against modernization, and even in 2100 it still is faster to send a 128GB stick by mail through the country then sending some clips online!

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