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Many people complain about their internet service, but Brandt Kuykendall did something about it. A resident of the small town of Dillon Beach, CA, he found the service to his town was too slow and expensive – so he started a DIY ISP in his garage. Subscribe: https://freeth.ink/youtube-subscribe-diyisp

It took Brandt months chasing down companies to get access to internet infrastructure, but once he started Dillon Beach Internet his neighbors were clamoring for access to his faster, cheaper, and better-serviced network.

What do you think? Would you be interested in starting an ISP? WISP setup (that’s wireless ISP setup for you newbies) may be easier than you think. Could it save the internet amidst the net neutrality debate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and remember to check out our other DIY science videos.

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  1. i was actually watching this until he said they installed a fiber line i my home directly you have to PAY BIG BIG BUCKS for that, so this is not on of those average joe came up with something in a garage stories , still cool but not at all what i thought this video was "man moves out in the middle of nowhere to avoid internet ,spends a fortune to get fast internet, makes money supplying internet to one of the last places in the usa worth moving to
    that people can move and get away from it"

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