Top 10 Scary Videos Circulating the Internet Right Now

Get ready to encounter your fears loaded with overwhelming chills and thrills with these top 10 scary videos circulating the internet right now. If you believe in ghosts and the paranormal, this list of creepy videos will give you a rush of the adrenaline all horror fans crave! And if you take pride in seeing yourself as more of a pragmatic person, and do not believe in the uncanny and the unworldly; these videos might surprise you.

Various mysterious events happen around the world all the time that are unexplainable to the most recondite degree. There has yet to be a fitting explanation as to what could be the underlying cause of such inexplicable incidents. In this list, I have included 10 of the most nerve-racking of such sinister events ever caught on camera. Truth be told, were these creepy videos not captured on tape, no one would have found it reasonable to think these happenings really happened.

This list of scary videos circulating the internet right now contains actual recordings of hauntings, ominous paranormal activities, and footage of almost imperceptible presence of figures and objects in the very world you think you live safely in.

Even back in the 2000s, the technology and software existed to make a phony ghost jump scare internet video or a few seemingly real scary videos using actors — all just to get views. The horror side of the entire internet is filled with such second-rate videos, which, in all honesty, won’t even freak anyone out.

However, the clips included in this top 10 list of creepy videos are the ones I was too scared to enjoy when I first watched them. These scary videos are dire, to say the least. The entire time while writing this very description/warning, I kept getting chills thinking I will have to take a look at these entires again to do the final edit before uploading.

Initially, I intended to make this list of scary videos a little fun. I wasn’t going to include the creepy videos that are downright freaky. But I knew I had to include actual eerie clips in this list of top 10 creepy videos because you all deserve to be given the choice and the opportunity to watch truly scary videos that are circulating the internet right now.

Done watching? Whoa, that’s splendid! Which of these scary videos freaked you out of your wits the most? Let me know right below in the comments!









Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
jdgehlert (pond5.com)

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