Top 10 Scary Videos They Tried to Delete From the Internet

Do you think you can handle harrowing chills? Consider yourself a horror monomaniac? Trust me, you ain’t seen nothing yet.
While many scary videos on the internet rely on jump scares and paranormal monstrosities to strike fear into the viewers’ hearts, there are some scary videos that display events that incite unspeakable fear and panic with their ability to hit a bit too close to home.

What you are in for, in this top 10 list are events that show inexplicably unnerving incidents, which happened to usual people like you and me — and frankly, what’s more disturbing than something that taps into your deepest fears, making you feel vulnerable even in the safest of places. If you continue on with this list of eerie videos, I hope you have a strong stomach. This countdown contains a chock-full of unnervingly scary videos of dreadful happenings, creepy unexplained events, mystifying occurrences that were luckily caught on tape, and the clips that can straight up terrify you for months! Truth be told, these are the scary videos they tried to delete from the internet.

Now, a little something about me; the horror genre is my favorite pastime and I am always on the lookout for scary videos that are legit creepy — the ones that can give me nightmarish chills. Being ever so engrossed in the eerie, and quite honestly the uncannily sinister side of the entire internet in general, I think I have grown quite iron-hearted.

However, when I came across the entries included in this list of scary videos, I was genuinely left reeling. So here, I am bringing you a hand-picked top 10 list of creepy videos that unquestionably go plethoric with how freakish, frightful, and downright petrifying they are. In fact, this list contains videos that are highly likely to scare the pants off of you. Go ahead and see for yourself. All humor aside, here’s a formal warning: This list of creepy clips contains truly horrifying content — a collection of entries that could give you an inescapable fear of the dark. If you are someone who is easily scared, proceed at your own peril.

One look at these creepy clips and be assured that you will never be the same — ever. The haunting impression the entries in this list of top 10 scary videos can make on your psyche accounts for a deeply unsettling experience that can rightfully earn its place among the ranks of the most overwhelmingly nerve-wracking moments of your life.

Done watching? That’s great!
Which of these creepy videos scared the living daylights out of you the most? Let me know right below in the comments!








Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
jdgehlert (pond5.com)

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  1. Great video chills!
    You should watch jaws backwards,it's a heartwarming story of a lone shark that gives limbs to disabled people lol
    I'm not discriminating,I'm severely disabled,wheelchair bound and completely housebound too,I'm just a little drunk and hoping to make someone laugh to brighten up their day.
    Hope yall have a great day guys,stay safe and may god bless yall ?

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