Top 10 Scary Videos They Tried to Delete From the Internet

Top 10 Scary Videos They Tried to Delete From the Internet

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Some videos are too scary to watch, but somehow, they make it to the internet. Because of their gory and enigmatic content, people try to delete them from the internet. For some reason, they go viral and remain in the hearts of everyone who watched it. Here are the top 10 scary videos they tried to delete from the internet!
10. Mutant pig
It is not every time that we meet new hybrid creatures. When we eventually do, we come up with explanations to suit the scenario. In the case of this mutant pig, you’re forced to think that aliens have attempted to invade our planet because how on earth does this even make sense? This video was published in September of 2011 and is believed to have originated from Guatemala. The clip reveals a mutant pig that was born in the city. Everything about the animal is questionable, and one wonders how it came to life.
It has a strange skull, no eyes, and its mouth that hangs open reveals a tongue and two small teeth. The animal was born shortly after residents saw an unidentifiable light in the sky. Skeptics tried to join the dots between the light detected in the sky and the birth of the mutant animal. While some say it is mere coincidence, others say that extraterrestrial beings have a hand in the creation. Scientists have not ruled out genetic distortions and environmental pollution in all of these.

9. Jerusalem sighting
Jerusalem prides itself as the holy city of God. However, the area is laden with so many mysteries that are hard to unravel. In February 2011, something spectacular happened here, and to this day, we are kept in the dark as to what happened. The event was captured on camera, not once but twice. It went viral when it was posted on the internet as everyone was shocked about what they saw.
In the first clip, we can see an unidentified flying object in the form of light coming down as though landing on the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. Soon after it descends, it shoots up and disappears. The person filming it captures a man standing at the corner and watching things unfold to add credit to the video. Another video showed a similar incident of a shiny object hovering around the dome before shooting up in the sky. If you doubt the first one, would you also doubt the second? To make matters worse, no one is explaining what happened in the clip.

8. Ninja Jinn
Have you ever been stalked by a Ninja Jinn? Well, I’ll say many of us manage to come up with creative ways to survive all of the drama. So, this urban explorer made his way to this abandoned building to search for God knows what. When it comes to exploring abandoned buildings, you can’t guess what the intentions of the explorer are. For this man, he wanted something to make his heart race for a second, or so I think.
While wandering in the abandoned building, he sings some strange hymns. From his voice, you can deduce that he is scared but would not back down until he satisfies his curiosity. He repeats a mantra aimed at protecting him from danger, and he continues exploring the room. He suddenly becomes alarmed by a strange being with red eyes looking at him from a distance. When the figure noticed he saw him, he quietly disappeared into the dark, but the man ran towards the creature. Unfortunately, he finds nothing on the spot.

7. Ghost girl in Alabama
You know how you feel like taking a relaxing ride and going for it without thinking twice. It doesn’t matter the time of the day you do it, provided you get it done and free your heart. This guy and his friends chose the wee hours of the night to explore this dark road. Had there not been footage to record the incident, we would have passed it off as a hoax.
As they were driving past the highway, they saw a lady crossing the road in a prom dress. No, she wasn’t bothered about the vehicles coming at high speed as she was reluctant in her movement. Well, it happened that they didn’t hit her but were curious to know who she was and what she was doing out there at night without footwear. They stopped the car to have a word with her but couldn’t find her. Even an official report to the police didn’t help matters. Later, the man realized the image could be the ghost of the woman killed on that road some days ago.

6. The Homunculus
Human curiosity leads to the discovery of a lot of things. It starts with a crazy idea before transforming into something spectacular. As for scientists, they’re not bothered about what you think of their work and would go about doing what they find satisfying. This was what this Russian man in this video was doing for years. He began posting videos of how he created Homunculus in 2015.


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