Top 20 MCU Moments That Broke the Internet

These moments must have had access to the Infinity Stones, because their effect was incredible! For this list, we’ll be looking at our favorite Marvel moments that swiftly went viral. Our countdown includes “Black Panther”, “Iron Man”, “The Avengers”, “Avengers: Endgame”, “Thor: Ragnarok”, and more! Be on the look out for spoilers, and if we missed your favorite earth-shattering, Hulk-smashing moments, let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Funny that, at the cpt america elevator scene, you didn't mention the guys he was fighting were actually hydra agents but instead just bloatenly said they were "shield". Kinda makes me wonder if you actually do your homework before making these video's.

  2. 1- Obviously this is subjective, but the FINAL “I am Iron Man” in response to Thanos’ “I am inevitable” was ultimately the MORE thrilling of the ‘bookend’ lines. I’ve always loved that he said that in IM1, but his statement in Endgame followed by a snap won the battle of the universe, allowing all the ppl who were lost to remain & for the umpteenth time, showing Cap that yes, indeed, Tony Stark makes the sacrifice play.
    2- We’re doing “Get Help” perfectly captures not just the relationship bet Thor & Loki but every older/younger sibling alive. While many ppl appear to focus on the negative bet the two brothers, to me (at least) it was always clear that however jealous Loki might have been due to Odin’s horrendous parenting, Loki always loved his brother & twice saved Thor’s life (if you remain uncertain). Of course, it doesn’t have the same OOMPH as when Loki leaps up during the fight bet Thor and the Hulk (after the Hulk smashes Thor in a similar fashion as he did w Loki in the Avengers) and yells “That’s what it feels like!”
    But practically every line from Ragnorok is quotable. “I have been falling… for 30 minutes!”
    3- “I don’t feel so good, Mr. Stark…” as Peter Parker slowly turns into dust before his eyes… For me, the most heartbreaking moment of that scene.
    4- Pretty much every line out of Iron Man’s mouth is hysterical, quotable & memorable (to me) but I love the moment when he, TBW, & Captain America are flying Loki to the helicarrier & Thor appears and grabs his brother away, leading to a fight w Iron Man … Thor says something like you don’t know what you’re dealing with… and Fo y immediately quips back: “ Ah, Shakespeare in the Park? Doth Mother know you weareth her drapes?” For some reason, that’s one of my fav lines in the MCU…


  3. My favorite moments:
    Hulk vs Abomination.
    Odin banishes Thor and enchants Mjölnir.
    The Guardians appearance in IW singing "Rubberband Man."
    Sam becomes the New Captain America.
    Yibambe, Yibambe, Yibambe!
    Puny God.
    Thor arrives in Wakanda.
    Cap SUMMONS Mjölnir.

  4. I'm sorry but not. The fact that Cap lifting Mjolnir was NOT ON THIS LIST is a joke.
    When Thor arrived in Wakanda in IF, the movies erupted. When Mjonlir moved in Endgame and everything that happened, I'm suprised the theater didn't explode. I nearly cried I was that excited. THAT is the #1 moment, as good as Avengers 1 is, and it is a landmark movie don't get me wrong, NOTHING was as big as Cap lifting Mjolnir, and honestly, I don't think anything else will ever top that movie in the MCU

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