Top 5 SCARY Ghost VIDEOS Circulating The INTERNET !

Top 5 SCARY Ghost VIDEOS Circulating The INTERNET !
In this Top 5 list of Ghosts! Urban explorer manage to captures Ghostly lady peeking – then ghost hunters records lot of Poltergeist Activity Including SCARY Scene from gym!
Arabic ghost hunter Hassan bar bar Succeed to record a jinn & Finally Tim Morozov manage to records poltergeist at haunted house!

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  1. In the Ricky Velazquez video, at the 0:51 mark I can hear someone whisper a two syllable word, sounded like a female, but the 2nd voice, sounded more like a male moan, with a much deeper tone, but since I do not speak Spanish, I don't know what was whispered. ? A very nice house, too bad it's haunted ?

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