[Tutorial] How to install drivers from the internet

This video is to help everyone understand the basics of installing drivers from the internet. The drivers used in the video are for my motherboard. This video is intended to show the procedure.


Giới thiệuThúy Navi

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  1. WOW…fucking unbelievable>:(
    the link to download my biostar on-board audio is broken. all i wanna do is fucking play star wars battlefront 2 but the game doesn't work without disabling sound card or some shit. but i need to update driver to even see my sound card. fuuuuuuck. but good video

  2. Bro please help me i cant install my driver….. after completing installing my pc is geting restarting  and those are  not applying and if i'm trying to install again… a pop up box opening, says your are unsuccess full please help me bro all my works are Stopped 

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