Vegeta just BROKE THE INTERNET! The TRUE Power of God of Destruction Vegeta! Dragon Ball Super

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Vegeta just BROKE THE INTERNET! The TRUE Power of God of Destruction Vegeta! Dragon Ball Super

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  1. If Vegeta would of blown up the planet him and Goku could of just used instant transmission, Besides that I think it's clear he isn't attempting to kill granolah, because he hasn't used hakai once yet, also when he threw that Destruction Bomb, he wasn't really surprised that Granolah stopped it he was more surprised that his eye was red. All in all I dont think he really cared to actually blow up the planet, I see it more like he was taunting him, although if he would of been successful in doing so I dont think he would of cared at all.

  2. The prince named his form ultra ego ( hilarious but kind of understandable )
    Got pinned down by a single blast in the end ( it doesn't suprise me a bit taking into account how our badass prince has been treated by the writers over the years )
    The only thing I am curious to know is what will be the hair color for this form!

  3. Sigh, I can't believe I actually let myself hope Vegeta would win just this once. One day i hope DBZ stops giving off an if Goku (or Gohan like once lol) can't do it no onw can vibe. I do like that Vegeta is owning his massive ego, it's a flaw that he'll never get rid of so might as well own it and use it to become stronger lol.

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