Vodafone apn setting for fast internet 4g 2020. vodafone internet settings. Increase Vodafone Speed.

In this video, i showed you that how you can increase you Vodafone internet speed. I showed you the best 2020 apn settings for Vodafone. These Internet settings will suerly improve you Vodafone Internet speed.

Vodafone – https://www.mediafire.com/view/m4lg5wt4n1xw2pm

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  1. Thank you, I added the Bearer option told by you and follow added below steps from Vodafone app and now it is working awesome NOKIA USER

    1. Open Settings
    2. Go to SIM cards and mobile networks
    3. Click on your active sim card (eg.Vodafone, Idea)
    4. Go to Access point names
    5. Tap + icon
    6. Enter details

    Name- Idea/Vodafone internet

    APN- internet

    APN type- default

    APN protocol- IPv4/IPv6

    7. Tap save to create your profile

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