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  1. watching Lindybeige for a spear video, instant respect.
    goes straight to elite facts, respect lost

    also poop on weapons was a thing in in history, archers would stick arrows in the dirt and or shit before shooting at the enemies, if the arrow didn't kill outright it could lead to death and disease, early biological warfare.
    the ancient Greek word for arrow is toxon it's where we get the word toxic from today

  2. 22:32 The reverse park is easier and causes less accidents especially when the carpark is designed to fit the maximum number of corollas in and you're driving a falcon or a land cruiser or something.

    When you're driving forward the whole car is following the front wheels which are steering, but when you're going in reverse the car is following the rear wheels and the front wheels are moving the car from side to side behind them. All forklifts have rear wheel steering for this reason, hopeless at high speed but brilliant in tight spaces.

    That said the ultimate carpark is the 45 degree angle park. It's only a 50% increase in the amount of lane width taken up over parallel parking, but a three fold increase in the number of cars that can be parked and is the least accident prone. The 90 degree park takes more than twice lane space of parallel parking but only results in two extra spaces over the 45 degree park.

  3. The dude shooting the ar-15 clearly has no idea how to shoot an ar-15 beyond pull the trigger and it goes boom. Literally the worst grouping I've ever seen and it was at and indoor range so it was probably like 50 yards away. I mean you can literally see the stock shaking around, like does he not know how to shoulder a gun? Wasn't this guy supposed to be like a high ranking member of the military???

  4. The fully semi-automatic bit, the "gun instructor" was a prior army general, whos a freaking idiot. He can't shoulder the weapon properly at all and the barrel is going all over the place when he fires faster, and his grouping is shit at like 50ft. In the USMC you have to rapid fire at 100yards and 200 yards and the grouping is about as tight as his lol

  5. Some of my favorite weapons in history were from the era where people were still using swords and spears, but early guns were also being used on the side, so they just started putting guns on everything. There was a period of human history where everything was anime as shit

  6. In Reference to the Sword in the Stone; Thats Caliburn, the Sword of Chosing I believe. Its when King Arthur loses Caliburn, then he is given Excalibur from the lady of the lake, and does his funky stuff with that. But in a majority of the cases, they are merged as the same sword.

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