Weird Internet Stuff #8 – Twitch Mediashare (DarkViperAU)

The greatest wonders and memes of the internet according to my Twitch chat. While learning challenge runs and speedruns I allow my viewers to throw stuff up on the stream. Enjoy.

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  1. 1. We actually do have kettles here in Indiana, US. Don't know about other states though
    2. People who don't have kettles but do cook a lot typically use a saucepan to boil water.
    3. Most places I live at can get water steaming hot straight from the tap, so the only time we'd need hotter water is for packaged noodles that need a roaring boil. E.g, Ramen… which is probably why someone in chat said microwave, or dried spaghetti noodles that need an active roaring boil from the stove.

  2. We have kettles, but I had no idea an electric kettle even existed. What that guy was holding does not look like a kettle to me. When I think kettle, I think of a metallic looking dome with a plastic handle over the top with a trigger to open the spout.

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