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  1. Thank you all so much for the very nice comments, here are some answers to some frequent ones:
    1. “You’re” is a joke. The old lyric videos were always full of spelling mistakes.

    2. “Buy a broomer,” I think I realised while I was editing that it was “buy a broom or” but I had already googled what a broomer was so I stuck to that.

    3. Any reference that you think is a reference is indeed a reference.

    4. Thank you everyone who has gone on to check out the rest of the stuff on my channel after watching this. Although I’d warn you that most of my stuff isn’t really like this, I always try and put care and thought into everything.

    5. If you have done your own animation of this song or any of the other songs from the special, please leave them in a reply to this comment. I’d love to see them!

    And finally, yes. I did want to insinuate there may be a link between Clippy and certain world events.

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