What The Internet did To Undertale

Here is a video where I slowly go insane exploring the weird world of undertale fandom. Featuring Sans and Papyrus, and maybe Gaster. Also spoilers.

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Song List:
All the songs used in this video are undertale fan remixes, names of the artists and tracks are in the video (a lot are not on spotify)


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  1. Hello friends.

    Well. Somehow we survived 2020. Thanks for stickling with me. Staying creative and productive this year was difficult, but im happy to be ending it with this video. I really hope you get something out of it.

    If you did and want to help out the channel, I have one patreon tier and its one dollar, which genuinely helps a lot. Youtube is a volatile way to make a living, but its my patreons that keeps my income stable, so if you do support it, thank you, your the best! And if you dont- well honestly I still think your pretty rad, but if you feel like kicking in a buck or two you can do so here:


    Guys, thank you again, the last five years have been a wild ride, and it means a lot that your still here. I am burnt out, so I'm going to take a little time and rest, you should do the same over holidays, we all need it.


    -Eyepatch Wolf

  2. And on top of all that, the underverse consisting of multiple alternate universes some of which are based on other alternate universes, has been reported on by you.

    And there will be reaction videos to this video. And fan art based on those reaction videos. And there's probably some kind of reaction video critic that will critique the reaction videos to your compilation video about all this undertale stuff made by a guy who got his start making a popular mod of Earthbound. Toby Fox himself is this kind of fan

  3. Ink, errror, and glitch sans are the big ones I remember from undertale days, as embarrassing and cringy as it was it’s kind of insane That I was there for somewhat of its peak, I mean undertale almost REINVENTED fandom culture as a whole

  4. i was in the undertale fandom for a few years. all i can say that i think the fandom got oversaturated with content and aus as well. plus fans would continue to pressure content creators to create more undertale content when they were just burnt out from undertale and really wanted to move on to new content and projects.

  5. I have not gotten into the fandom like the rest of my friends, they have all these…. unique characters that I don’t know about. For me I just played and loved the game and it’s characters. So there’s a lot of things I don’t understand about the fandom and how it got to where it is today. I feel I’m about to fall down a very deep hole that I will be unable to return from.

  6. "And thank you to anyone who has created fanworks for this game over the past year. I’ve been in fandoms my whole life. I drew Cave Story characters in the margins of my 7th grade history class notes. So it’s amazing to see something I created incite a similar passion in other people.

    Someday, UNDERTALE will fade from people’s minds. But, I’m sure in 10 years, some kid who played UNDERTALE will create a game that surpasses it.

    I look forward to playing that."

    – Toby Fox

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