Why a carbon free internet is within reach. [Advertiser content from Google]

Though you may not see it directly, everything you do online runs on electricity. Every email, search, download, and stream runs through a data center, which uses energy. And right now, that energy has a carbon footprint. The International Energy Agency estimates that data centers account for about one percent of global electricity use annually. If one percent sounds small, consider this – that’s roughly the same amount of electricity Australia consumes.

For over a decade, Google has been working to curb the carbon emissions from its operations. In 2007, Google became the first major company to go carbon neutral. But carbon neutral is not the same as carbon free.

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  1. The manufacturing of the polymers needed to create computer boards is 100% not carbon free. In fact the epoxy used for computer boards has radioactive derivatives as well as chemical byproducts. The radioactive derivatives were kept in a holding tank in the far back corner of the shell plant in NORCO where I worked for years. Any BS you hear from tech companies talking about becoming "carbon" free is a load of crap. For example…just because you invested money into a carbon free alternative energy company doesn't mean they ever have or ever will create any carbon free energy. You understand the logic right. They say that if they spend money on carbon free energy 'RESEARCH" they have reduced their carbon footprint. That is the legal speak BS being used.
    But that's not even scratching the surface of the chemicals required to make all those millions and millions of motherboards.

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