Why EVERYTHING Needs Internet to Work

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  1. I live in the mountains of NC and we were told they would never bring high speed internet to us ? we had Hughes Net for a while and it would last maybe a day before it became slow. I struggled so bad when my college moved online for covid, none of my professors understood

  2. A couple weeks ago i downloaded a couple family guy episodes on disney plus for when i haid no internet and some day i haid no internet so i wnated to watch the family guy episodes so i opend disney plus and my phone haid no ineternet so disney plus redirected me to donloads and when i clicked on the episodes but then disney plus sayd that i haid no internet so i couldnt watch the episodes with no internet but i downloaded them so wtf how dous this even work

  3. Yeah, the issue with future-proofing is not everyone will have the new thing right now, while adapting with the times would be more time consuming, at least it wont piss in the faces of people who dont have new tech

  4. I can't resonate with this enough ?. I had unfavourable Internet for a full year, and I tried to use my xbox, but it prompted me to sign in since I did not have offline-sign in on. Once I did, it prompted me to start updating the console, even though there were games that didn't need internet in the first place. The update failed multiple times and I just gave up on it until I found out you could update the console offline. I got a USB and downloaded an offline update on it and installed it on my console. I enabled offline sign-in and the option to play games without signing in for extra measure. But I couldn't play one of the games because it required a "content download" (I think that's the same thing the 100gb download was when you try to use the disc only to play the game). I just gave up at that point ?.

  5. Yeah, that’s actually pretty spot on. And I hate that when this point is brought up with all the validation of the world, it’s only ever brushed off with the stupidest remark: “oh… WhY dOn’T yOu JuSt MoVe?” Like IT IS NOT THAT SIMPLE NOR EASY. ?

  6. This reminds me of when I could play Steam games offline even though an update had been registered as available for my games. Then Valve removed that feature. Nothing had made me so angry, ngl. (That was around 2014 last I remember, with only 15GB/mo on our phones, that normally was 3G/1X speeds)

  7. For the Windows side of things, there's a tool called Windows Update Blocker on Github that works well. Just grab it, run it as admin, select "SHADDAFUCKUP" aka "Disable Updates" and check off "Protect Settings" then apply. Little shield icon will turn red when you do it, now you can close that and re-enable it later if you ever need to do something Microsoft related that won't work for some reason.

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