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On the latest episode of Patriot Act, Hasan discusses Internet inequality in the U.S. and the reasons why millions of Americans cannot get online in 2019. Even though the Internet is considered a basic human right by the UN, many poor and rural communities across the country are still left with little to no access to broadband networks. This lack of Internet access then further impacts the ability of these communities to obtain healthcare, education, and other important necessities. While Internet service providers like Comcast and Charter are largely to blame for Internet inequality in parts of the country, the FCC is making things worse by siding with private corporations at the expense of millions of Americans who lack access to what has become a vital tool for everyday life.

Since so many Americans lack access to streaming platforms like Netflix, we decided to put out a DVD version of this episode that can be rented at dvd.com/patriotact. Just don’t forget to mail it back when you are done with it.

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  1. Ajit Pai

    now let's break the name down a little…

    Ajit is just a regular name, but pai in Marathi means feet so his real name should be:

    Ajit Feet


    Ajit Has stinky Pais

    or (for those who can speak hindi / marathi)

    Ajit ke stinky pai tatti jesa hai

    Thank you for coming to my ted talk

  2. If everyone in the USA really wanted to stop them then people in every state stop paying Comcast, AT&T, along with all the others, make their own internet and refuse to pay them until they fix their shit. Because if America doesn't do something, then sorry to tell you, but we're all gonna get screwed over in the future.

  3. Internet companies discriminate against poor housing tenants which is a lot of minority and really unfair. If you live in an apartment, which is where mostly poor tenants are, the cable company will not give you new equipment. Cox cable is well known for this. They actually have it listed in their service when you sign up while living in an apartment. Called Cox Quick Connect. Other cable companies do this too. The program includes a pre-installed Internet modem within the apartment that is installed during vacancy or turnover. . I found out about this after receiving an eight year old modem from COX Cable. It was packed with dust and all scratched up. The modem was only achieving 45 mbps upload on a speed test while I was paying for blast at 500 mbps. It took me about a month of calling back and forth to finally get a new one sent to me. Then the new one that I got was hand delivered without any box by some random guy in a pickup truck and it lasted a few months before it started resetting every couple hours. I spent another agonizing month or so arguing to get a new modem. I told them to go ahead and cancel my service I'll pay the $150 cancelation fee and then they were all nice and ready to send me a new modem. So I kept the service because they finally sent me a new modem after battling them for almost 6 months. Then a year later when I moved into a completely different apartment building across town they wouldn't let me take the modem with me. They insisted I leave it in the apartment for the next tenant. Then they told me I'll have a modem in my new apartment from the last tenant. So, yeah there was no modem in my new apartment and they shut off my internet and told me to drive to the next city over to pick one up. Then I had to argue with them to mail one to me ups. Then i get this beat up piece of crap modem in the mail from them. If i was a home owner, none of this hassle would have taken place. I've had a cable internet subscription since the day it came out back in like 2002. . . .that's how I get treated though for living in low income apartments.

  4. Yes cause where I live u get att that's it pretty much but when at&t says sorry we don't offer service in your area right now n your like but my neighbor has it u telling me u offer internet on one side of the street but not the other the front of the yard but not the back.


  5. There is almost a full 4G coverage all around IRAN and full coverage of fixed broadband adsl and other things like that in all cities and counties. Its fast. Its cheap(10 gigabyte = 1.2 usd for 4g and 5g) . With help of a vpn(for afew blocked websites like Facebook)(if you ain't a fb user you won't have any problem probably) you have no limit to explore the internet.
    So dont be afraid to travel to IRAN its a very beautiful country

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