Xeno Reacts To "The Engoodening of No Man's Sky" – Internet Historian

After Xeno asked the chat which other game came back from the brink of failure, just as Final Fantasy XIV did in 2.0, Twitch chat told Xeno about No Man’s Sky. In this video Xeno reacts to an Internet Historian video going over the story of No Man’s Sky.

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5BJVO3PDeQ

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  1. I played over 1000 hours NMS. Yes, it is good, but it's still an exploration game. I started making business creating a huge factory in a lava planet to mass produce sweet donuts.
    Then, with the money, i started to destroy the economy of solar systems by selling a massive quantity of resources and then rebuying them in a lower price. I bought an expensive ship with combat frigates to do missions and basically playing the game for me.

  2. NMS isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – I’ve had a lot of fun in that game – and if I need something chill, it’s what a usually choose. Don’t know what one of your commenters was talking about, I’ve never seen anything about Sean Murray being arrogant, maybe proud of what they were able to achieve, never arrogant.

  3. Just a reminder that the devs still blatantly and knowingly LIED, overpromised and underdelivered. Please don't normalize this as consumers by sucking the game off now. It's only going to make more devs do similar shit. People want more of cyberpunk, fallout 76, and no mans sky so they can hop on the redemption hype train?

  4. Ppl who say "yeah but he act arrogant after" Well, when you receive so much hate i guess that even a Saint beside Jesus would turn full hatred toward the garbage human who death treat him : ).

    I'm not saying he is white with no wrong, no, but people really LOVE to justify their wickedness as a response toward a crime, basically to respond to a crime by a crime. It's F sick…
    And you know what ? CHEERS to this man and team coz bro there were no ways they could pulled off with a mess like that, GZ.
    EDIT: Chill with couch man lmao.

  5. I understand why people don't like it but I loved the game play of Death Stranding personally. It is completely unique and figuring out ways to traverse the landscapes they created with the various tools is right up my alley. But again I get why people don't like it. Also it just feels different getting to certain cut-scenes in game rather than watching them all in a row on youtube.

  6. I have a really hard time watching you when you play on twitch thought for a long time you was toxic but you´re growing a tiny bit each time i happen to watch you on YouTube, If you be a bit more less offensive toward your chat ( your actuall income) it would be great but its your stream and your rules

  7. DUDE…. ! if you did a reaction to this, you MUST react to the "Fallout 76" Video from this guy ! If No Man's Sky is the happy end video, that one is the fucked up to the end Story 😛 so funny. In general, Internet Historian is amazing, and amazing to react to. Even the stories not about games, like the 2 Corona Vids, Fyre Festival, Costa Concordia…they all are absolutley amazing.

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