Xeno Reacts to "TheVarus Strakes Buck" by Internet Historian

Xeno reacts to the second part of TheVarusTM saga by Internet Historian, this time with even more crazy events that happened during early 2020.

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1FUMdHU29c

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  1. Xeno reacting to Internet historian is a match made in fucking heaven! Now I hope he looks at SsethTzeentach at some point too, his, Historian's and Joshs's videos are the uploads I look forward to the most and would make for some great React Andy content.

  2. 28:36 If a disease kills that fast it won't have a chance to spread. It would at least need to have some sort of incubation period, while being highly contagious, before being lethal, to give us idiots a chance to pass it around before it nuked itself out of carriers.

    You also have a few examples of diseases that were similar but more lethal, and that didn't spread as much, like SARS and MERS.

  3. during early 2020. ahhahahaha your wrong its still going on today that blm guy who ran over his girl and killed her got let out and ran over a bunch of white people doing a thanksgiving parade yelling blm forever . and the news is saying an accident go watch the video affter he ran over the fist person he sped up

  4. 28:53 I know you brought it up, but this is something that we will probably stand to repeat. I've been reading 'And The Band Played On' and it detailed how the AIDS response went. To say that we're repeating history would not be an understatement. I just hope the next new hyper-infectious disease winds up being less severe than both because we haven't exactly shown the capacity for growth required to handle these illnesses in a timely manner.

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