ZeRo Officially RETURNS to the Internet | Streamlabs vs OBS, Scott the Woz, Schlatt, Naruto Fortnite

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00:00 – Today’s Video is About to be Wild LOL
00:10 – Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight (Skit + Sponsor)
02:16 – Drake and Kanye are FRIENDS!
02:44 – Naruto in Fortnite
03:56 – Fortnite Sasuke is Living His Best Life (FUNNY)
05:34 – My Favorite Video Game of All Time
06:05 – ZeRo Returns to the Internet
12:31 – The Activision Blizzard CEO KNEW EVERYTHING
16:14 – The NEW Spiderman No Way Home Trailer!
19:17 – Streamlabs is Getting Cancelled by OBS
26:22 – Schlatt Responded to My Tweet I Guess
29:10 – Sonic Games Can Now Run 60 FPS
30:24 – Cowboy Bebop THIS FRIDAY
32:37 – Will LayItOmni Ever Return?
33:39 – G4TV Launches but Scott the Woz is Missing!
35:20 – The Game Awards 2021 Nominees are HERE!
41:35 – Play Nice

#ZeRo #Streamlabs #Naruto


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  1. ethier the motherfuckers who decide which games get listed as a nominee have not heard of halo or they have and HAD THE AUDACITY TO PUT IT TAKES FUCKING TWO INSTEAD OF HALO INFINITE OR IF THEY DIDNT PLAY IT THEY COULD'VE CHOSE A BETTER GAME THEN IT TAKES TWO

  2. I'm not sure if Neo: The World Ends With You was too late to release or something (pretty damn sure it wasn't) but I'm really miffed that it wasn't even nominated for Roleplaying game even though it's such a ridiculously underrated gem in the RPG category. I feel like it got gypped just because it's niche and that genuinely pisses me off knowing that cyberpunk 2077 made it on the list despite being everything short of quality on release and still hasn't been fixed from it's broken state for a LONG time now.

    I highly recommend The World Ends With You series to any RPG fans out there, absolutely still a completely underated and underappreciated gem of a series that deserves a lot more recognition.

  3. Omni, UX stands for User Experience. Which focuses more on HOW you navigate your website/game/etc.

    It simply does what the name implies. Focussing on the experience of the user.

    UI is what makes it look pretty. Such as colors, images, fonts, etc.

    Without the UI it would just be black interactable squares on a white background.

    Hopes this helps. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.

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